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Our world is complex but our day to day lives don’t need to be.



lyncia listening to client

Coaching is a relationship that is non judgmental and forward thinking. Intentionality is key to the coaching process (sometimes that may be a specific goal, but not always) and beyond that we explore together the options and opportunities that present themselves and how you receive and take advantage of them.

You’ll be given the opportunity to explore and question your own motivations and beliefs. I’ll give you the tools that will best suit you.

While no two coaching situations are the same there is a common theme and that is that there is a desire for change. That change might be personal, professional or in your business. You might be excited and want support to maintain momentum or you might be stuck and need to find a way forward. Coaching will support you regardless of your starting position.

I take a strengths based approach, which means that I focus on what comes naturally to you and support you to build greater capability using those strengths. I also focus heavily on Communication, both understanding how we communicate and of course how we might improve our communication, both with other and ourselves, to get great results.

Coaching offers the precious commodity of time to think and be challenged in a safe and confidential setting. It gives you the opportunity to explore both your aspirations and obstacles.

Developing great leaders & teams

Lyncia talking to an audience
Developing your own communication skills or those of your team is essential if you want to create a culture that supports excellence and growth.

Being able to talk is not the same as being able to communicate. We can’t measure the success of our communication by the size of our vocabulary. Learning to communicate effectively means that you get what you need AND you maintain your relationships. Post pandemic lockdowns, where the way that we work and interact with our colleagues and clients has radically changed, it is more important than ever that people understand and harness the power of communication.

My communication workshops are held in person, in part because so much of our work life is remote and squeezed in between other activities. I want you to be able to fully engage in the learning process and what better way than being with others all doing the same thing. It is also more conducive to being able to pivot to meet the needs of the attendees. The workshops are 4 days long, 2 consecutive days one week then 2 days a fortnight later. It’s tempting to find the next new thing when we look at personal and professional development, but there are some things that are fundamental building blocks. Communication is one of those skills.

Grow your own and your team’s capability by supporting their technical expertise with the development of their communication skills. Everyone wins!


Lyncia talking to a client
‘What would happen if we stopped fixating on what was wrong with people but rather focussed on what is right with them?’

I use the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment at YOU Coaching to support the coaching process, both at an individual and a team level. Understanding and appreciating our strengths really supports our own personal growth. Add an understanding and appreciation of the strengths of the members of your team and you have a whole other level of understanding of the resources that the team has available to it and the motivations of your individual team members.

My Strengths workshops are tailored to meet the needs or current challenges of your team or business. The research has shown that people who focus on strengths are three times more likely to have an improved quality of life, are six times more engaged in their jobs all leading to increased work productivity and personal well-being.

Whether you’re new to strengths or want to apply its principles more fully in your organisation YOU Coaching will create the opportunity for your team to explore and appreciate their own particular strengths profile so you can enjoy:

  • high level of employee engagement
  • higher productivity
  • improved personal well-being and outlook
  • focussed leadership and team development

About Lyncia

I decided to become a coach after ‘career coaching’ myself in 2007. It proved to be the right decision – I love what I do.

For me, every day and every interaction brings something different. Building self–awareness in my clients and supporting them to develop and apply their skills and talents so they can achieve great results is incredibly rewarding.

I am based in Wellington, and modern technology means I have clients throughout the world.

  • BA Hons (Psychology)
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Transforming CommunicationsTM Accredited Trainer
  • Certified Coach Neuroleadership Institute
  • ICI Member
lyncia in front of garden

With Lyncia’s help, I was able to better understand who I am and what I want, which I had always struggled with.

Lyncia is easy to talk to. From the first ‘coffee catch up’ to get to know each other, you feel like you’ve known this person for years which makes it easy to have those tough conversations about yourself.

Lyncia has done some marvellous work with our team to help us discover our strengths. Each of us now have a clear view of our talents and strengths and how we maximise these in our roles to deliver our work.

Lyncia is a highly experienced facilitator and knows exactly the right strength based tool for the right situation. Lyncia’s easy and friendly manner soon established a relationship of trust and good will with our team. I believe that this was essential in getting to a few grass root issues that we needed to identify and examine as a team. Our team have found Lyncia’s style of facilitation to be valuable and inspirational on both a professional and personal level.

If you have an opportunity to work with Lyncia you should go for it! Your perspective on your talents and strengths may never be the same again!