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Despite what we may have been telling ourselves for years, we cannot and do not multi-task. We may have several things on the go simultaneously but we have to stop one thing to attend to another and all this mental switching is tiring and reduces our productivity.

Workshops give you the opportunity to focus on a topic that is important to you, in the company of other people who are also wanting to learn new skills associated with whatever that topic might be.  In this era of teleconferencing, most of the YOU Coaching workshops are old school, we meet in person, making it easier to fully engage in the process.

A workshop will leave you with a deeper understanding- simply because we’ve had more time to dedicate to the topic and you have a greater opportunity to participate.  Take the time to strengthen your skills and knowledge, you won’t regret the experience.

Find Your Workshop

Transforming CommunicationTM

Two women having a conversation
Upcoming Dates: Wellington: June 13, 14, 26, 27

A four-day programme (2 consecutive days one week- 2 consecutive days a fortnight later) designed to support you to become an effective communicator.

Effective communication is essential if you want to get what you want AND maintain relationships all at the same time. Together we learn the skills required to set the scene for effective and impactful exchanges, how to help others to solve their own problems and how best to put forward your own issues in a way that invites another person to talk to you about that in a way that is focused on finding a resolution, not a fight.

I love this programme. I didn’t write it, it’s the work of Dr Richard Bolstad, and I am an accredited trainer. When I first came upon the content as part of another training I was doing, I immediately wanted to spread the word.

Come and learn the mechanics and biology of communication – it will help you in every aspect of your life.

Gallup Strengths Workshop

Two women talking about Gallup Strengths
No dates are confirmed for this workshop at the moment.

Gallup Strengths forms the basis for much of my coaching work. It supports the road to self-awareness that we need if we are to make meaningful changes or improvements to the way we interact with the world, both personally and professionally. It’s such a positive way to  grow our own skills and ability to be impactful as we’re looking to grow and effectively use something that comes quite naturally to us, rather than focus on what’s “wrong” with us.

As well as being able to examine our own strengths and motivators more fully, we can also examine our strengths at a team level, gaining a deeper understanding of what our team members have to offer, what motivates them, what they might struggle with, and how we can support each other to achieve a collective goal.

Understanding your strengths and the strengths of your team is a journey. Awareness of our strengths gives us a platform to build on, to build a culture on.

Here’s a few stats from Gallup;

People who focus on using their strengths are

  • 3 times as likely to report having and excellent quality of life
  • 6 times as likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • Be 7.8% more productive.

My Strengths workshops are designed to meet your specific needs and to match your awareness of Strengths. I’d love to talk to you to determine what might be best approach for you.

Best Foot Forward

Lyncia talking to an audience
No dates are confirmed for this workshop at the moment.

Join me for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks, (on-line) to hone the skills that will support the development of your own self-reliance, true grit, and self-belief.  Join with others to explore those things that can interfere with our attempts to achieve what we want- and of course work through ways to overcome those obstacles.

My philosophy is that life should be quite simple and that the stressors that affect us are generally caused by unnecessary complications that sneak in when we’re just not looking. Join me to work out what’s important to you, how you apply that knowledge to the way you live and enjoy your life.

Here’s a quote that I am unable to credit to anyone, but this is where I think we should all start “Learn to want what you already have”.

Join me – we’ll be staring form there.

Numbers limited to 20 per course