Transforming Communication™

Transforming Communication™ is a proven communication skills workshops, for both individuals and teams.

NOTE: An upcoming Transforming Communications™ Workshop will be held in Wellington
on October 20 – 21 and November 3 – 4.
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The act of communicating is so fundamental to being human that we generally don’t think too much about it. The art of communicating however, requires deeply considering how we engage with each other to achieve the outcomes we want.

Transforming Communication™ is a total model of communication. It has been developed on the back of decades of research primarily in the fields of conflict resolution, relationship counselling and research, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).



The training breaks down the messages we send, starting at the very beginning – from before we’ve even said a single word. One thing that sets this workshop apart is the ‘Problem Ownership Model’. This will enable you to analyse issues as they arise, and clarify who ‘owns the problem’ in any given situation – to choose the best type of language to use, and create win-win solutions.



Transforming Communication™ is an internationally accredited programme. Training sessions are a mixture of learning and doing, spread over four days. You’ll go away with not only the knowledge you need to be an effective communicator, but the practical experience as well.

We offer both public and in-house workshops. Group numbers are limited to ensure that no one is left behind. So get in touch today to start learning how to improve your communication power to achieve the quality of life, and the personal and business outcomes you want.


Having a better understanding of the messages we send and receive helps us to:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Build collaborative and creative working environments
  • Build and strengthen relationships
  • Assert our own needs
  • Help others to solve their problems
  • Manage teams and individuals
  • Achieve desirable outcomes
  • Create a positive professional and social culture


To enquire about a place on the next Transforming Communications™  workshop, contact Lyncia via email at or  phone +64274849706.