Our Strengths-Finding Workshops

Our Strengths Workshops will help you and your team discover and develop your unique strengths. For example, some people are great at enthusing a group, while others may be talented at developing robust systems. Whatever they may be, research shows that the most successful people rely on their strengths. Understanding and leveraging your strengths, and the strengths of those within your business or organisation, leads to a successful, highly-engaged workforce.



We explore the individual and collective strengths of a team in-depth, to purposefully direct those strengths towards achieving an outcome you want. Workshops are tailored to your specific organisation’s needs or current challenges.



Your greatest potential for success comes from understanding your individual and group strengths, and using them every day. Honing your talents (perhaps ones you’re even unaware of) will turn those talents into significant strengths. When you productively apply your strengths, you’ll begin returning excellent results and maximising your success. You will start viewing challenges in a whole new light, and working together to get the results you want.

Research has also shown that people who focus on strengths are three times more likely to have an improved quality of life, and are six times more engaged in their jobs – leading to increased work productivity and personal well-being.



We use proven techniques backed by science and experience. Millions of people worldwide have used The Gallup Strengths Finder and it is a popular service we offer at YOU, as Gallup Certified Coaches.

So if you want a successful and highly-engaged workforce, taking the strengths-based approach will enable your team, business, or organisation to achieve greater things. Along the way, what you discover about yourself, your colleagues, and your business, is the key to effecting permanent positive change.


Our Strengths-Finding Workshop supports increased:

• Employee engagement
• Leadership development
• Team development
• Productivity business-wide
• Personal well-being and outlook