I started my recruitment business (CTR) 5 years ago and after 18 months of trading and growing, the workload of developing the business, reviewing, marketing, planning and expanding, as well as doing a recruitment role was getting too much. I needed some expert business experience and guidance to help me keep on track and focusing on the right points to keep the business moving. I reached out to Kevin and ever since he has been fundamental in my mind helping with the company’s growth. Kevin is not just an excellent shoulder to lean on. I
bounce ideas off him and he supports me dealing with the problems and successes you have running a business.

Kevin keeps it real, giving you the guidance and advice for you to use and drive your business. You make the decisions, but now you have the confidence you are doing it right. I continue to enjoy and work with Kevin and CTR will continue to do so.

NG - Director, CTR
Lyncia has been a great help and support for me over the past year as I was going through relationship troubles and work issues. As a coach, she is empathetic and non-judgemental, and her advice is constructive. With her help I was able to better understand who I am and what I want, which I had always struggled with. I highly recommend Lyncia as a life/career coach.
I went to Lyncia for some career support when work for me changed from being something that I loved to something that was leaving me feeling flat and miserable. She started by asking me what I do best. That was pretty easy, then she asked me how often got to do those things. Well talk about the lights going on. I realised that my job had changed, not a lot but the bits I loved had been skimmed off.
Lyncia encouraged me to go and talk about it to my boss, which I did. That was the turning point. He was really supportive (he’d noticed the change in me and I really wasn’t performing all that well) and made some changes to my role. I love where I work but was thinking that I would have to leave because I was so frustrated. Once I realised what that frustration was caused by, I had options. Can’t thank Lyncia enough.

Mike W
I looked around for a coach for some time. I had some big challenges coming up and I was very keen to achieve the best outcomes I could. I chose Lyncia because she said that we would focus on my strengths and I thought it was a positive attitude and approach. As it turned out I dealt with those challenges well and I am proud of the results that I achieved. Moreover, what I learnt about myself and my strengths has given me the confidence to keep taking on other challenges. I am surprised that when you shift your thinking and perspective, even by a few degrees, things can become easier. I highly recommend Lyncia, she is one of my most valuable resources.
It was a pleasure to work with Kevin during 2016. We achieved great results which I am very happy about. Kevin’s input was key to the success that we experienced. Our team is growing together. With Kevin’s assistance I learnt to encourage them and to support their initiative, and as a consequence we are operating better and better everyday.
Olia - JPC
I was connected to Kevin through the Law Society at a juncture in my career when I was just drifting. I was in my comfort zone and going nowhere.
Kevin, with his amazing listening skills provided skillful guidance and constructive feedback and was able to gently nudge me into formulating a way to progress my business.
Of course there were times when I lapsed back into the comfort zone but Kevin was not judgemental but gave a further nudge pushing me back onto a forward track.
Not only was he able to provide a push in the business area but he was a mine of information in other aspects and was able to provide contacts, which whilst not directly business related, ultimately had a positive impact on my overall general effectiveness.
I would highly recommend his skills and his clear empathy when a push is needed in the right direction. Aside from his business acumen I found him to be a man of integrity. Kevin was truly able to assist me to turn my intention into action as the vision of YOU advertises.

MP - Barrister and Solicitor.

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