Gallup StrengthsFinder

The Gallup StrengthsFinder focuses on the things you are naturally good at. Isn’t that refreshing?

Honing the talents that you naturally have but are often unaware of, will turn your talents into strengths. These strengths, when applied productively, will consistently return excellent results for you.

Your greatest potential for success comes from understanding your strengths and using them every day.

Strengths don’t tell you what to do, they tell you how you do it.

At YOU we believe that you have the answers and resources that you need. It’s our role to help you to discover, develop and benefit from all the strengths and inner resources that you have at your disposal.

Research shows that people succeed when they focus on what they do best.

The benefits of identifying talents and developing them into strengths are well documented. People are:
−    More productive
−    Perform better
−    Are more engaged

Gallups StrengthsFinder supports and provides focus to:
−    Employee engagement
−    Leadership development
−    Team development

Call YOU to discover and apply your unique combination of strengths. Once you understand how to apply your strengths you begin to view challenges in a whole new light.  How can your own strengths help you to get the results you want? Coaching helps to create self-awareness and understanding your strengths is key to developing that self-awareness.

Gallup Q12

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” Doug Conant, Former CEO Campbells Soup.

Employee engagement is the key to activating a high performing workforce.

The research tells us;

  • 87% of employees are not engaged at work
  • Companies with highly engaged work-forces out-perform their peers by 147% on earning per share

Employee engagement isn’t a measure of employee happiness or employee satisfaction. Employee engagement is the emotional commitment that an employee has to the organisation he/she works for and its goals. Engaged employees use discretionary effort. They are motivated to do their best for the sake of the organisation.

Gallup has developed an on-line assessment, the Q12 (12 questions) that will allow your organisation to measure levels of employee engagement. It will compare your employee engagement scores with its international data base. Once you have the insights that the report gives you, you can direct your organisational efforts where they will make the most impact.

The Q12 is an extremely affordable tool that is very easy to deploy into any organisation (4+ employees). Call YOU to discuss employee engagement and the Q12, it’s the first step in creating a great workplace, that produces great returns, for everyone.

Contact us to discuss how the Q12 can support your business growth and success.