Career Coaching

Career Coaching takes a deliberate look at what you do for a living. It gives you the opportunity to assess your skills and values and then helps you to determine where these skills and values might be utilised and maximised.

Career Coaching can also help you manage a career transition. You may want a different career, you may be thinking about retirement or you may have experienced redundancy.

Whatever the reason, YOU Coaching will help you identify and manage any barriers to success.

Online Talent Navigator

You Coaching also offers the online tool, Talent Navigator. This assessment tool will help you to identify your values, expertise and preferences.

You can purchase Talent Navigator whether or not you choose coaching through YOU Coaching Ltd.

This online tool was developed by psychologists right here in New Zealand and is based on the Holland Code. Rather than just looking at your on-the-job skills, Talent Navigator considers your personality, your motivators, your values and your skills. It will suggest 20-30 potential career options that might suit you.

It’s a simple online assessment you can do at your own pace. It takes about 20 minutes to complete but you don’t have to complete it in one sitting.

You will receive a comprehensive report that you can pore over in your own time or you may choose to work through it with one of our coaches. The results will help you develop a plan for your career, perhaps offering you options that you hadn’t considered.

If you would like to read more about the Holland Code go to:

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